Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the turn around time?

When your glove is delivered to us you will receive an email letting you know it has arrived. 3 Business Days later (business days do not include weekends or holiday's) your glove will be sent out along with another email with the tracking information.

Is return shipping included?

No, not for gloves shipped to us. You must select from our available shipping options.

Can I order a new glove from a retailer to be shipped directly to you? 

Yes, Please include your First and Last name and your phone number with the order so that we can trace it back to you. 

Is break in included in the price of clearance gloves?

Yes, the break-in and standard USPS Priority shipping are included with the purchase of a clearance glove. 

Do we repair gloves?

No, call us at (203) 487- 8997 and we can make helpful recommendations. 

How do I take care of my glove after I receive it? 

We include an instruction sheet with every glove. Be sure to read these important instructions before taking the band(s) off your glove and be sure to put them back on every time you are done playing, to protect flexibility and keep the shape of the glove. 

Can you help me figure out if I have the right size glove for my daughter?

Yes! Most people don't understand that buying the appropriate glove can make the difference between failure and success. It is based on the players age, length of their fingers and strength of their hand. An oversized, expensive, full grain leather glove is not always the best choice. We can help guide you to a glove that will bring success, build confidence and get your player to the next level. Please give us a call to determine the right glove for your player.